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Gill Weedon  @gillyw 06/04/22

We are not the whole story but our part should also be told.


Who is Tony Blair?  @gillyw 30/06/22 Author: John Sydenham. In: ThereandWhere.

Who is Tony Blair? Should more about the background of this icon of the Corporate Elite be mentioned next time he lectures the UK on the TV or radio? #tonyblair #blair #corruption

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Devon - A Bronze Age Landscape  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: Steve. In: ThereandWhere.

The Devon Lane: The banks are so high and the path so deeply cut that you might wonder whether your way is not just centuries but perhaps millennia old. #devon #bronzeage #landscape

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Is the NHS being Privatised?  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: The Kings Fund. In: The Kings Fund.

Private companies have always played a role in the NHS, but critics claim that their involvement has increased and is evidence of a privatisation of care that is undermining the service's core values. #nhs #kingsfund #privatisation

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Surrealism beyond borders  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: Tate Modern. In: Tate Modern.

Previous stories of surrealism have focused on Paris in the 1920s. Based on extensive research, this exhibition will reach across the world and over 50 years. #surrealism #tatemodern

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Child Penalties on Earnings  @gillyw 06/05/22 Author: Inaki Villanueva. In: Applied Economist Website.

Females experience a serious drop in earnings after the birth of the first child. This is linked to women remaining at home to look after the children. #parenthood #earnings

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Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @rasmun 06/05/22
Amazing that China is supposed to have the global headroom to increase GDP to four times the present value. Is there enough resource in the world and enough ecological reserve for this to happen? #china #ecologicalfootprint


The new politics: Democracy, Corporatism and Asia  @gillyw 05/05/22

The split is becoming ever clearer. Corporatists such as multinationals and postmarxists against the people with asian tyranny hoping to defeat both. #postmarxism #bilderberg #china #populism


Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @rasmun 05/05/22
It is ironic that a billionaire is taking on the billionaires and multinationals.


Samina Patel @samina
Replying to: @gillyw 04/05/22
Thank you for posting this @gillyw


Handel Concerti Grossi  @gillyw 25/04/22

The Concerti Grossi Op 6 were composed during the autumn of 1739, and published in April 1740, by which time Handel's music was finding increasing favor at the Vauxhall Gardens. @gillymusic #classical #handel

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Vivaldi Cello Concertos  @gillyw 25/04/22

Antonio Vivaldi was a virtuoso violinist, a virtuoso composer and a virtuoso teacher. A Venetian all his life, Vivaldi epitomizes Italian Baroque Music like no other composer. #gillymusic #vivaldi #classical

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Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @janewatkins 22/04/22
Are you sure that you do not have racist tendencies


Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @rasmun 21/04/22
Its not a problem, the advertisers and @BBCNews are teaching us how we really should behave.


Saudi Arabia Ditching Dollar For Chinese Sales?  @gillyw 13/04/22

Oil producers sell their product to the US (and the rest of the world) for dollars, which they then recycle into dollar-denominated assets and, while investing in dollar-denominated markets, explicitly prop up the USD as the world reserve currency. #dollar #dedolarisation #oil

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IMF warns about sanctions and dollar dominance  @gillyw 13/04/22

Financial sanctions imposed on Russia threaten to gradually dilute the dominance of the U.S. dollar and could result in a more fragmented international monetary system, Gita Gopinath, IMF's First Deputy Managing Director, told The Financial Times. #dollar #dedolarisation #imf

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Beano Jokes  @gillyw 13/04/22

The Beano is still alive and well: "I couldn't figure out why the baseball kept getting larger. Then it hit me." #jokes #beano

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Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @samina 13/04/22
We can only dream. I think I will fly from a little regional airport to dodge the queues!


Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @rasmun 06/04/22
I remember politicians saying clearly that the sanctions would be the most punishing ever imposed.


Gill Weedon @gillyw
Replying to: @rasmun 06/04/22
If the conservatives dont get their act together they are for the high jump


Borisgate, Partygate and the Velcro Effect  @gillyw 06/04/22

The crisis that has engulfed Boris Johnson's government in recent weeks. Each day seems to have brought about new revelations, piling crisis upon crisis and headlines of ever greater toxicity. #Boris #partygate #borisjohnson #conservatives #uk

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A pair of cows were talking  @gillyw 06/04/22

A pair of cows were talking in the field. One says, 'Have you heard about the mad cow disease that's going around?' 'Yeah,' the other cow says. 'Makes me glad I'm a penguin.' #jokes #readersdigest

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Gill Weedon  @gillyw

We are not the whole story but our part should also be told.

Samina Patel  @samina

Let the sun shine in. I like cooking and partying and enjoying life.

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