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John Rasmun  @rasmun 05/04/22

I love the Internet. In amongst the rubbish there are gems.


China's Growth Prospects  @rasmun 06/05/22 Author: Adam Tooze.

"The shift in Western discourse on China over the last five years has been dramatic. Trade wars, tech wars, COVID, Xi Jinping's crackdowns, the real estate bubble, Omicron and now Putin's war have all contributed." #economics #china #gdp

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Population in the IPCC's new mitigation report  @rasmun 06/05/22 Author: Philip Cafaro. In: The Overpopulation Project.

Globally, GDP per capita and population growth remained the strongest drivers of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in the last decade. #climatechange #globalwarming #population

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Brands should force Twitter to uphold .. policies  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Brian Fung. In: CNN Business.

Coca-Cola (CCEP), Disney (DIS) and Kraft (KHC) are facing calls to boycott Twitter if the company's soon-to-be owner, billionaire Elon Musk, rolls back content moderation policies limiting hate speech and election misinformation. #musk #bilderberg #multinational

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UK magazine digital edition sales surge in 2021  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Andrew Kersley. In: Press Gazette.

The Economist retained its spot as the UK magazine with the largest digital edition circulation, reaching nearly one million subscribers in 2021, according to the latest ABC report. #magazines #online

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The use of suicide to control partners  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Scott Fitzpatrick. In: The Conversation.

"For some men, suicide may be way of exerting control over (ex) partners, even in death". #suicide #idpolitics

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John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @tammyw 28/04/22
Yes, it looks like the Germans have swapped the tanks for light armoured vehicles in return for continued gas supplies. The EU does approve all external trade so this has the EU stamp of approval.


Germany u-turns on tank delivery  @rasmun 27/04/22

Germany has u-turned on its decision to directly militarily support Ukraine, as Russia's foreign minister warned it could lead to World War Three. #russia #Ukraine #germany

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John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @janewatkins 23/04/22
Have you noticed that Al Jazeera never criticises Islam?


Marxism and Identity Politics  @rasmun 23/04/22

Analysis of ID Politics: The greater the dispossession of the racial and gendered Other, the higher the pile of scraps under the table of the capitalist class. Such a strategy effectively destroys all grounds for mass, anti-capitalist solidarity and resistance. #idpo

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The Mysteries of British History  @rasmun 22/04/22

British historians like to portray the Anglo-Saxons as primitives who lived in wooden huts. According to the myth these primitives were extremely lucky because the Normans came and within 100-200 years had built a church or cathedral in every town and village. #norman #saxon #uk

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John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @janewatkins 22/04/22
Yes, the @BBC is a mess. Either it is a Public service broadcaster or not.. BBC management and @DCMS have not decided.


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @gillyw 21/04/22
But who teaches them how they should behave? The @BBC in particular should avoid teaching us the views of its management. #idpolitics


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @janewatkins 20/04/22
That is because it is social engineering.


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @writeho 20/04/22
Just testing to see if you've fixed it.


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @writeho 20/04/22
I checked it for you Mr writeho


Is it time for Boris to resign?  @rasmun 20/04/22

How important were the parties? Just workmates who had been together all day having a cake in the office and having drinks at meetings or wild parties to celebrate. #borisjohnson


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @gillyw 19/04/22
This will be the big story of the next decade. If the dollar falls then US power will shrink.


Big 4 of agriculture unlikely to exit Russia..  @rasmun 19/04/22

Despite sanctions and all the bluster the top agricultural multinationals are staying with Russia. #Russia #commodities #Ukraine

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Twitters chickens come home to roost  @rasmun 16/04/22

Excellent review of the corrupt state of social media: "Media figures everywhere are openly complaining that they dislike the Musk move because they're terrified he will censor people less." #twitter #socialmedia #elonmusk #censorship

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John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @gillyw 07/04/22


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @gillyw 06/04/22
The only problem is what will replace them.


John Rasmun @rasmun
Replying to: @gillyw 06/04/22
Partygate raises the important point that it is not partygate by itself that was crucial, it is the general mismanagement


Myanmar on My Mind  @rasmun 06/04/22

The dominant colors of each place seemed to be gold and an earthy reddish-brown, warm and radiant beneath untainted blue skies. 'Myanmar is even more beautiful than its neighbors,' my father declared. 'It has this quality of light you don't really find in Thailand.' #myanmar #burma

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Select economists on Ukraine crisis  @rasmun 05/04/22

If President Biden and European leaders had declared, in advance, in public, and in detail, the harsh and pathbreaking sanctions now imposed on Russia, Putin might have reconsidered. #Ukraine #Russia #sanctions

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John Rasmun  @rasmun

I love the Internet. In amongst the rubbish there are gems.

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