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Who is Tony Blair?  @gillyw 30/06/22 Author: John Sydenham. In: ThereandWhere.

Who is Tony Blair? Should more about the background of this icon of the Corporate Elite be mentioned next time he lectures the UK on the TV or radio? #tonyblair #blair #corruption

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Devon - A Bronze Age Landscape  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: Steve. In: ThereandWhere.

The Devon Lane: The banks are so high and the path so deeply cut that you might wonder whether your way is not just centuries but perhaps millennia old. #devon #bronzeage #landscape

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Is the NHS being Privatised?  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: The Kings Fund. In: The Kings Fund.

Private companies have always played a role in the NHS, but critics claim that their involvement has increased and is evidence of a privatisation of care that is undermining the service's core values. #nhs #kingsfund #privatisation

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Surrealism beyond borders  @gillyw 27/06/22 Author: Tate Modern. In: Tate Modern.

Previous stories of surrealism have focused on Paris in the 1920s. Based on extensive research, this exhibition will reach across the world and over 50 years. #surrealism #tatemodern

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The Fourteenth Amendment. (and Roe vs Wade)  @samina 25/06/22 Author: In: History.Com.

Congress required them (the S. States) to ratify the 13th and 14th Amendments as a condition of regaining representation in Congress, and the ongoing presence of the Union Army in the former Confederate states ensured their compliance. #Roevswade #14thamendment #usa

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Solar Power in the Home  @samina 22/06/22 Author: Smithers. In: There and Where.

Is it worth having solar power in the home? Setting up a fully independent home solar power system. #solarenergy #solarpower #solarpanels #offgrid

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The Truth about COVID  @samina 22/06/22 Author: John Sydenham. In: There and Where.

How China and a group of scientists hid the laboratory origin of COVID and fooled us all. #COVID #China #labescape

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A log of BBC Bias  @samina 20/06/22 Author: John Sydenham. In: There and Where.

A log of serious incidents of bias by the BBC recorded over a two week period. It includes audio clips of the BBC articles so that the bias is documented. #BBC #BBCbias

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China: Big cities catch Robotaxi fever  @sandjo 07/06/22 Author: CHAI HUA. In: Chana Daily.

Shenzhen is the seventh city in which Baidu has introduced its autonomous car services in China and the company has set an ambitious goal of expanding Apollo Go operations to 65 cities nationwide by 2025 and 100 cities by 2030. #robotaxis #ai #autonomous

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David Hockney - Works  @sandjo 07/06/22 Author: David Hockney. In: Hockney.

The work of Hockney has a stillness and brightness that captures a moment. #Hockney #art

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Cheddar Man Share DNA with History Teacher  @janewatkins 03/06/22 Author: The Archaeologist. In: The Archaeologist.

Separated by 10,000 years but linked by DNA! A 9,000 year old skeleton's DNA was tested and it was concluded that a living relative was teaching history about a half mile away, tracing back nearly 300 generations! #cheddarman #mesolithic #archaeology

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Portchester Castle  @janewatkins 03/06/22 Author: English Heritage. In: English Heritage.

Why go to Italy to see Roman architecture when you can go to Portsmouth! #roman #castle #portchester

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UK Off Grid Living  @sandjo 03/06/22 Author: Alex Rejba. In: The Smart Survivalist.

Basically, off grid living means to live on your own without being connected or dependent on urban infrastructures. You produce your own power, use your own water source, and maybe even grow your own food. #offgrid #survivalism

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Brexit - The True Story  @sandjo 03/06/22 Author: John Sydenham. In: There and Where.

The campaign to create a European Union began after WWI. After the war the Germans were weakened and facing a growing threat from the USSR (The Communist Russian Empire). #eu #globalism

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EU Spending on Russian Fossil Fuels  @sandjo 03/06/22 Author: CREA Staff. In: Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air.

Russia spends 70 billion euros a year on defence. This is financed by the EU.

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Gazprom shipping gas to Europe via Ukraine  @samina 29/05/22 Author: Reuters. In: Reuters.

Gas is till going to the EU through Ukraine. Why?

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Fuel Prices  @janewatkins 14/05/22 Author: AHDB. In: AHDB.

How oil companies profiteered during COVID and how the difference between red (untaxed) diesel and white (taxed) diesel shows that taxation is an important factor, #oil #fuelduty #petrol #costofliving

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Soros and EU behind anti-Musk campaign  @samina 12/05/22 Author: Harriet Alexander. In: Mail Online.

An intense campaign was launched against #elonmusk to stop him taking over #twitter. It was run by the usual suspects with #Soros and #EU as dominant players. Soros is dedicated to world domination like a bond villain. #globalconspiracy

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Time to rethink physics  @gobote 10/05/22 Author: Marcus Chown. In: New Humanist.

If the laws of physics can change and evolve, however, so too can the 'the space of possible futures', says Smolin. Nature can create new things. 'The impression that we have that we can create novelty is true,' says Smolin. #physics #time #leesmolin

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Sir Keir Starmer and the Trilateral Commission  @gobote 10/05/22 Author: Paul Knaggs. In: Labour Heartlands.

It's very hard to understand how Sir Keir Starmer thinks belonging to this elitist group will enhance the cause of socialism or the working class. #trilateral #keirstarmer #labour

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Will Charles be the next Monarch?  @janewatkins 10/05/22

After his performance at the Queen's speech I doubt it. #monarchy #charlesIII


Popular, dwarf fruit trees to grow in pots  @janewatkins 10/05/22 Author: Kelly Taylor. In: Urban Garden Gal.

Fruit trees grow well in pots as long as they are grown on a dwarf rootstock, which means they grow to about half the size of a regular fruit tree. #gardening #fruittrees

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Ukraine war: temporary glitch or tipping point?  @higgled 08/05/22 Author: Jane O‚ÄôSullivan. In: The Overpopulation Project.

The lesson from this study was that building ever-more interdependent global systems to deal with the steady increase in food demand is building a house of cards. #limitstogrowth #globalsystemsmodels

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Child Penalties on Earnings  @gillyw 06/05/22 Author: Inaki Villanueva. In: Applied Economist Website.

Females experience a serious drop in earnings after the birth of the first child. This is linked to women remaining at home to look after the children. #parenthood #earnings

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China's Growth Prospects  @rasmun 06/05/22 Author: Adam Tooze.

"The shift in Western discourse on China over the last five years has been dramatic. Trade wars, tech wars, COVID, Xi Jinping's crackdowns, the real estate bubble, Omicron and now Putin's war have all contributed." #economics #china #gdp

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Population in the IPCC's new mitigation report  @rasmun 06/05/22 Author: Philip Cafaro. In: The Overpopulation Project.

Globally, GDP per capita and population growth remained the strongest drivers of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in the last decade. #climatechange #globalwarming #population

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Tbilisi  @sandjo 06/05/22 Author: Wandering.

The wine is superb and the Georgian heat produces sweet tasting wine that make you curse the need not to become an alcoholic.Tbilisi has hot springs and for 50 Lari you can hire a room with its own geothermal plunge pool. The locals call these the "sulphur baths". #tbilisi #georgia

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Silk Road: Khiva, Uzbekistan  @sandjo 06/05/22 Author: Stu Jarvis.

"The last oasis before the brutal crossing of the Karakum desert into Persia, the ancient city of Khiva on the Silk Road flourished from humble origins into a city of architectural splendor. Even more remarkable, it is still standing today." #khiva #silkroad #uzbekistan

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Heliodorus, Greek ambassador in India  @sandjo 06/05/22 Author: Argyraspid. In: Megas Alexandros.

Heliodorus, in the present case, is a Greek ambassador, who was sent by the Indo-Greek King Antialcidas Nikephoros to the court of King Bhagabhadra who ruled over north, east and central India around 110 BC. #alexanderthegreat

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The Mogao Caves at Dunhuang  @sandjo 06/05/22 Author: Wandering.

From the artistic viewpoint Mahayana Buddhism is intrinsically richer than most religions because it is full of symbolism, from cloud-like entities that can sweep you up to the heavens to nasty demons that represent greed etc. #dunhuang #china #buddhism

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Sturgeon lacks the intelligence in both senses..  @higgled 05/05/22 Author: Effie Deans. In: The Daily Globe.

"There are few real democracies in the world. We are threatened by tyranny not merely in Russia, but also in China. We cannot afford an idiot son who thinks that he is already Godfather. The UK can afford no division at all, not from Remainers and not from Scottish nationalists." #scotland

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Badgers: what they eat and other facts  @gobote 05/05/22 Author: Helen Keating. In: The Woodland Trust.

The staple food of badgers is usually earthworms which generally make up around 80% of their diet. They can eat several hundred worms each night. #badgers

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Pond Ponderings  @gobote 05/05/22 Author: Gareth Harbottle. In: British Dragonfly Society.

2020 was a successful first summer for the pond with Common Darters emerging. 7 exuviae were found, an adult which I managed to photograph with my SLR and one in the process of emerging, hastily captured on my phone before dashing to work. #dragonflies #gardening

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The new politics: Democracy, Corporatism and Asia  @gillyw 05/05/22

The split is becoming ever clearer. Corporatists such as multinationals and postmarxists against the people with asian tyranny hoping to defeat both. #postmarxism #bilderberg #china #populism


Brands should force Twitter to uphold .. policies  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Brian Fung. In: CNN Business.

Coca-Cola (CCEP), Disney (DIS) and Kraft (KHC) are facing calls to boycott Twitter if the company's soon-to-be owner, billionaire Elon Musk, rolls back content moderation policies limiting hate speech and election misinformation. #musk #bilderberg #multinational

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UK magazine digital edition sales surge in 2021  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Andrew Kersley. In: Press Gazette.

The Economist retained its spot as the UK magazine with the largest digital edition circulation, reaching nearly one million subscribers in 2021, according to the latest ABC report. #magazines #online

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The use of suicide to control partners  @rasmun 05/05/22 Author: Scott Fitzpatrick. In: The Conversation.

"For some men, suicide may be way of exerting control over (ex) partners, even in death". #suicide #idpolitics

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The Transaltlantic Slave Trade  @samina 04/05/22 Author: J Sydenham. In: There and Where.

About 12m Africans were shipped across the Atlantic over a period of 400 years (with most occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries). #slavery

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How Blair broke Britain  @higgled 03/05/22

"Whether Blair had the faintest idea what he was talking about is unclear. This was a man .. whose first text message to his fixer Alastair Campbell read: 'This is amazing, you can send words on a phone.'" #blair #newlabour #labour #unherd

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Is China preventing WWIII?  @higgled 03/05/22

In the Cold War Mutually Assured Destruction meant that Russia and NATO would destroy each other if it came to war. Now MAD means handing the world to China or MAD is that? #china #wwiii #mad #nuclearwar


Why do we listen to music?  @tammyw 03/05/22

As we listen, we create a virtual sound space in which the notes are heard. For example, we construct the idea of movement within music. In doing so, we use a metaphor to describe that which scientifically consists simply in the vibration of sound waves. #mind #psychology

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Don't Worry Darling stars Styles and Pugh  @tammyw 02/05/22

Harry Styles is shaping up as a big name for 2022. He is number 1 in the record charts with "As It Was" and starring in the movie "Dont Worry Darling". #harrystyles #pop #uk

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The official top 40 albums of 2021  @tammyw 02/05/22

Adele's 30 was officially the biggest album of 2021 in the UK, the Official Charts Company can confirm today. The long-awaited comeback record from one of the country's most popular music exports proved worth the wait. #top40albums #uk #pop

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Irish Nationalists urged not to be disheartened  @higgled 30/04/22

Sinn Fein may get power but will this lead to Irish union? Support for a united Ireland among voters stands at almost one-third, fresh polling reveals. #ireland #borderpoll #irishunion

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EU says pay for Russian gas in euros..  @higgled 30/04/22

EU companies may be able to work around Russia's demand to receive gas payments in roubles without breaching sanctions if they pay in euros or dollars which are then converted into the Russian currency. #eu #Russia #sanctions

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Funny jokes for adults  @higgled 30/04/22

Well, I enjoyed these. #jokes #adult

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Fothergills Garden Diaries  @higgled 30/04/22

I was looking around for what I should be doing in the garden and found this article that covers each month. It is written by a commercial grower but has few ads. #gardening

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Love Reading  @janewatkins 30/04/22

"Our mission is to share book love and encourage reading for pleasure by offering the tools, advice and information needed to help our members and browsers find their next favourite book." #bookreviews #uk

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A Little Blog of Books  @janewatkins 30/04/22

Wondering what to read next? This blog has some interesting book reviews and is worth a visit. #bookreviews #uk

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Germany stops tank supplies for gas?  @tammyw 27/04/22

These two articles: *Germany_will_not_have_to_pay_for_gas_in_roubles and *Germany_u-turns_on_tank_delivery seem related. Of course, the EU manages external trade deals....


Germany u-turns on tank delivery  @rasmun 27/04/22

Germany has u-turned on its decision to directly militarily support Ukraine, as Russia's foreign minister warned it could lead to World War Three. #russia #Ukraine #germany

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Germany will not have to pay for gas in roubles  @tammyw 27/04/22

"Germany has confirmed it will continue to pay for Russian gas in euros or dollars, following a call between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Russian President Vladimir Putin last night." #germany #Ukraine #gas

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Can beavers make you feel better?  @tammyw 27/04/22

Through their eco-engineering, beavers have been shown to increase biodiversity and abundance of wildlife at the landscape scale: including plants, insects, fish, amphibians, birds and mammals #beavers #uk

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The Philosophy of Dostoevsky  @tammyw 27/04/22

Effie Deans' review of Dostoevsky. "Even when I first went to Russia in the latter years of the twentieth century I found it to be at times startling different from the Britain in which I had grown up." #Dostoevsky #russia #philosophy

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Handel Concerti Grossi  @gillyw 25/04/22

The Concerti Grossi Op 6 were composed during the autumn of 1739, and published in April 1740, by which time Handel's music was finding increasing favor at the Vauxhall Gardens. @gillymusic #classical #handel

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Vivaldi Cello Concertos  @gillyw 25/04/22

Antonio Vivaldi was a virtuoso violinist, a virtuoso composer and a virtuoso teacher. A Venetian all his life, Vivaldi epitomizes Italian Baroque Music like no other composer. #gillymusic #vivaldi #classical

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Is the cashless society the end of freedom?  @higgled 23/04/22

Payment by phone, central bank digital currencies and even implanted microchips for payments. See *Microchip_implants_let_you_pay_with_your_hand. What happens if the government goes bad? #cashless #cbdc


Microchip implants let you pay with your hand  @higgled 23/04/22

"There is a dark side to the technology that has a potential for abuse, to those with no love of individual freedom, it opens up seductive new vistas for control, manipulation and oppression." #cashfree #chipimplant #freedom

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Marxism and Identity Politics  @rasmun 23/04/22

Analysis of ID Politics: The greater the dispossession of the racial and gendered Other, the higher the pile of scraps under the table of the capitalist class. Such a strategy effectively destroys all grounds for mass, anti-capitalist solidarity and resistance. #idpo

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The Labrador: The world's favourite dog  @higgled 22/04/22

Ben Fogle's summary of his book by the same name. He charts the history of the labrador, a dog breed he's loved throughout his life. #labrador #pets #uk

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The Mysteries of British History  @rasmun 22/04/22

British historians like to portray the Anglo-Saxons as primitives who lived in wooden huts. According to the myth these primitives were extremely lucky because the Normans came and within 100-200 years had built a church or cathedral in every town and village. #norman #saxon #uk

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Anyone noticed all adverts now show minorities?  @janewatkins 20/04/22

I like people from all over but its getting weird that every advert has one person from each minority. Most British people are from the majority...obviously. It feels like social engineering. #idpolitics #minorities


Russia-Ukraine war by the numbers  @higgled 20/04/22

Al Jazeera has some of the best war coverage. As the article says: As the Russian offensive enters its fifty-sixth day, we track where the fighting is happening and how we got here. #Ukraine #Russia

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How much gold .. to buy a house in the UK?  @higgled 20/04/22

House prices are currently rising at roughly 11% a year, and you're telling me inflation is only 6%? Pull the other one. #houseprices #property #inflation

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Problem replying to Talking Points  @writeho 20/04/22

Wednesday 20th April. This will be fixed soon. Watch out for the comment count increasing on this post. @writeho


Is it time for Boris to resign?  @rasmun 20/04/22

How important were the parties? Just workmates who had been together all day having a cake in the office and having drinks at meetings or wild parties to celebrate. #borisjohnson


Big 4 of agriculture unlikely to exit Russia..  @rasmun 19/04/22

Despite sanctions and all the bluster the top agricultural multinationals are staying with Russia. #Russia #commodities #Ukraine

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Population impact of migration  @higgled 18/04/22

Immigration added more than a million people to the UK (about equivalent to the population of Birmingham) every 3 years between 2001 and 2016 (more here). #migration #uk #population

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Why US and Nato wanted Russia to attack Ukraine  @higgled 18/04/22

Robert H. Wade argues that while nothing can excuse Russia's invasion, the Kremlin has effectively fallen into a trap laid by the US and Nato that is intended to bring down Putin's regime. #Ukraine #Russia #NATO #lse

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Social Media drives girls mad  @higgled 16/04/22

NHS figures show that almost a quarter of 17 to 19 year old girls in the UK suffer from emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression... #depression #anxiety #socialmedia #twitter #facebook

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Psilocybin for Depression Study  @higgled 16/04/22

All patients showed some reductions in their depression scores at 1-week post-treatment and maximal effects were seen at 5 weeks, with results remaining positive at 3 and 6 months. #Psilocybe #depression

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Twitters chickens come home to roost  @rasmun 16/04/22

Excellent review of the corrupt state of social media: "Media figures everywhere are openly complaining that they dislike the Musk move because they're terrified he will censor people less." #twitter #socialmedia #elonmusk #censorship

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Saudi Arabia Ditching Dollar For Chinese Sales?  @gillyw 13/04/22

Oil producers sell their product to the US (and the rest of the world) for dollars, which they then recycle into dollar-denominated assets and, while investing in dollar-denominated markets, explicitly prop up the USD as the world reserve currency. #dollar #dedolarisation #oil

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IMF warns about sanctions and dollar dominance  @gillyw 13/04/22

Financial sanctions imposed on Russia threaten to gradually dilute the dominance of the U.S. dollar and could result in a more fragmented international monetary system, Gita Gopinath, IMF's First Deputy Managing Director, told The Financial Times. #dollar #dedolarisation #imf

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Beano Jokes  @gillyw 13/04/22

The Beano is still alive and well: "I couldn't figure out why the baseball kept getting larger. Then it hit me." #jokes #beano

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The Microbiome  @samina 13/04/22

The microbiome consists of microbes that are both helpful and potentially harmful. Most benefit both the human body and microbiota and some, in smaller numbers, are promote disease. In a healthy body, pathogenic and symbiotic microbiota coexist without problems. #health #microbiome

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Aegina  @samina 13/04/22

Of all the little islands in the Saronic gulf, this one is kept off the tourist map as an Athenian's little secret; a small island just 35 kilometers from Piraeus. #Greece #Aegina

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Exploring the Stonehenge Landscape  @samina 13/04/22

The Stonehenge Landscape contains over 400 ancient sites, that includes burial mounds known as barrows, Woodhenge, the Durrington Walls, the Stonehenge Cursus, the Avenue, and surrounds the monument of Stonehenge which is managed by English Heritage. #archaeology #stonehenge #UK

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Descartes and the Discovery of the Mind-Body Prob  @sandjo 09/04/22

Our mind-body problem is not just a difficulty about how the mind and body are related and how they affect one another. It is also a difficulty about how they can be related and how they can affect one another. #Descartes

MIND        Views 3

Spring Cannot Be Cancelled  @sandjo 07/04/22

Perversely, the new restrictions on movement had presented an opportunity for Hockney. One of the selling points of the house was that he wouldn't have to drive anywhere to find his subjects, as it was all there in the trees, streams and skies on his grounds. #Hockney

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Myanmar on My Mind  @rasmun 06/04/22

The dominant colors of each place seemed to be gold and an earthy reddish-brown, warm and radiant beneath untainted blue skies. 'Myanmar is even more beautiful than its neighbors,' my father declared. 'It has this quality of light you don't really find in Thailand.' #myanmar #burma

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Borisgate, Partygate and the Velcro Effect  @gillyw 06/04/22

The crisis that has engulfed Boris Johnson's government in recent weeks. Each day seems to have brought about new revelations, piling crisis upon crisis and headlines of ever greater toxicity. #Boris #partygate #borisjohnson #conservatives #uk

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A pair of cows were talking  @gillyw 06/04/22

A pair of cows were talking in the field. One says, 'Have you heard about the mad cow disease that's going around?' 'Yeah,' the other cow says. 'Makes me glad I'm a penguin.' #jokes #readersdigest

HUMOUR        Views 5

Select economists on Ukraine crisis  @rasmun 05/04/22

If President Biden and European leaders had declared, in advance, in public, and in detail, the harsh and pathbreaking sanctions now imposed on Russia, Putin might have reconsidered. #Ukraine #Russia #sanctions

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